How to do the asset master creation in sap fico with asset number? #AA01

SAP Asset Accounting
[caption id="attachment_1042" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Create new asset in SAP fico guide[/caption] Asset :  Newly purchased land, building, machinery and tools are said to be asset of the company. Asset procurement may be new or replacement. New asset : While buying new asset, it is to be capitalized with procurement cost and trial run cost. Normally clearing and forwarding, freight cost are added to capex value. Replacement asset : While an asset become old, it will be replaced fully or partially. If it is replaced fully, the asset should be removed as scrap with / without value based on the nature of asset. The newly bought will be accounted as another asset. If partially sold, then cost of partial sale to be updated and additions to be part of old asset.…
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