How to set password for SAP effectively?

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Password is

  1. To be changed frequently – say monthly
  2. Not to be repeated
  3. Simple words like your name, company name not to be there


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Password criteria may be

  1. At least one capital letter
  2. At least one special character like !@#$%^&*()
  3. One or more numbers

This will be hectic to remember this kind of password

 If you forget your password and can’t get into your system, what back door can you use to reset it?

You have to go to IT department to unlock it. Now how to remember your password.

How to set password?

Take this picture and print it.

Use line number 1 first 8 digits then 2nd, 3rd and so on.


This will be the password grid for you. This is very useful for you and you can prepare like this.

In SAP, monthly password to be changed and better control.

What is your SAP password? (Dont disclose man) Just kidding.

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