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Tips for using FB08 in SAP Fi module
Blog post for using FB08 in SAP Fi module

When i make liabilities and provision entries in a month end, i have to do lot of reversal of journal entries. I got a shortcut by using FB08 tcode.


A tcode to reverse the documents made in fi module. If you post a wrong entry while making a journal voucher, you have to make a reversal entry. It should be done with care as same mistake of interchange of debit and credit will happen. FB08 will help in this.

First see the screenshot

Learn FB08 tips from
FB08 screenshot from sap fi module


It is very simple. Enter the document number which you want to reverse. Enter the company code.

After that

  1. Reversal reason
  2. Posting date

to be mentioned.

FB08 Usage

  1. To reverse mistake journal vouchers
  2. To reverse liabilities and provisions entries
  3. To reverse bulk of journal vouchers – say monthly provision / reversal of provision


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Reversal reason

FB08 tips from learnfioblog
Screenshot of reversal reason in FB08

It is not recommendable to give authorisation to end users for this Tcode. It is better to given to team leaders / mangers. They have to verify the reason for reversal with end user and then only it has to be done.

Ok fine.. what about bulk reversal. That is also dangerous. Because people may wrongly type document numbers. See the screen how it is works

Bulk reversal tips for using FB08 in SAP Fi module

FB08 use in bulk reversal
Bulk reversal in FB08

In this, you have to give all the document numbers to be reversed.

  • How you will like to do it?
  • Is bulk reversal will help you?

All tcodes cant be remembered. So use the tcode list i have given in the ebook called user guide to sap fico users. It gives all tcodes using in SAP fico module. Link is available in the website. Find it in kindle ebook column also.

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