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While gone through the asset register,  because of some reason, i like to stop the depreciation.

I have done it. Do you want to know more. Just click & read

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I have some asset masters and I need not to post depreciation further on these assets.

What are the steps required to do so that depreciation will be not calculated further on these assets while using depreciation run


If you use depreciation key 0000, posted depreciation for the open fiscal year will be reversed.

If you’re using release 600 with new depreciation engine, you can specify time interval for depreciation.

TCode for do it


How to do it?

Well, you have to go AS02 and select depreciation area. Then depreciation key intervals by double clicking it.

What will happen if you reduce the period?

I like to know the answer from you, if period is reduced in AS02. I am talking about useful life you are keying.

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